Shifting Careers: From a Corporate Slave to an Adventure Photographer

Shifting Careers: From a Corporate Slave to an Adventure Photographer

How I said Goodbye to my Boring Job and said Hello to my New Adventures! 

Not all photographers started this career as their first choice. For the majority of us, this choice was not an easy one because we had to consider a lot of factors before finally focusing on this career as other people with deeper pockets did when they started. 

Being a photographer is a challenging venture in the beginning. You have to pay for everything. You should buy your own tools, pay for your accommodation, pay for your own meals, and even for your own gas only to get that one shot that will make you standout amongst your peers. 

We are all waiting for that one moment that will finally help us break out in this world and give us more opportunities in our careers as photographers. And fortunately, for me, it happened before I lost hope that I will make it in this industry, making my career shift worth it.

Bye Corporate World!

 Working in a financial institution is far from the creative world that I am dreaming of. I was living inside cold white walls, wherein people are always in front of their computers burning off their hours as they wait for the sun to set so they can go home and sleep.

That is not the life I was looking for. I want to have an adventurous ones wherein everyday, you will face different adventures and experience that will make your heart beat fast. And I know, the life of being a photographer will give me the experience that I was hoping to have.

Hello Photography!

While doing it for part-time, I was able to build my own client list and helped me to become a photographer that I am today. Thankfully, there are many online courses that you can take so you can develop your own skills. You can study them at your own pace and take practice sessions during your free time. 

Then I kept on taking photos. I kept on practicing and taking on clients after next. By building my own portfolio, I am not only strengthening my own skills, but most importantly, my client base.