About Us

We are not just an online course for photography. What we do is we help those dreamers to make their dreams a reality. We know first hand the difficulty of pursuing this career because of limited opportunities to get better before but with our course online, we can help you make that step towards your goal. 

What We Do

We provide online courses about several topics in photography that can help an amateur photographer to be a professional one. Our topics are divided based on your expertise so it is definitely beginner friendly. You don’t have to have an experience using a camera before because we got it covered.

If you are already a professional, then there are courses for you to further improve your skills. You will have different topics that you can take in order to specialize in a certain topic or niche. We also have other courses like marketing and branding that can help in establishing your own business. 

Why We Do It

We all experienced failing at things that we wanted to do for so long because of the lack of opportunities for us. And we don’t want this to continue happening that is why we made these courses available and affordable for anyone who wants to pursue this path as their career.

We know that what people need is an opportunity to learn the techniques and skills from experts in the field that they can apply right away. Because of that, we were able to help out thousands of amateur photographers already globally and they are now taking photos that make us feel proud.