A Journey of An Amateur

A Journey of An Amateur

How I became a Professional Photographer

I don’t know why but ever since I was young, I have always been fascinated with photos. Maybe because growing up, I could always see sepia photos on our walls because of my grandparents collection. Or maybe because of the glossy pages of my sisters’ magazines laying on our tables.

 While most kids my age wanted to be doctors, lawyers and scientists, I wanted to become a photographer, to see the world through a different lens. But life wasn’t as cooperative as I wanted it to be, so I ended up putting my dreams aside and focusing on my responsibilities to my family.

 From a Hobbyist to an Amateur

But I didn’t let go of that dream easily. Although I was on my way to become a software developer, I never let go of my cameras as I took random photos of subjects that inspired me. I kept copies of them in an album that I always looked at whenever I need a dose of inspiration.

And then I got an opportunity to take formal courses. I jumped into it and tried my best to complete all the requirements. Fortunately, my years of practice as a hobbyist made it easier for me to absorb new concepts and techniques that I could us to be able to take good photos.

I really thought it would be easy but I was wrong. I was just thankful that these courses take into consideration your initial skills and it helped me slowly grasp the concepts that I had to learn. And soon after, I was able to develop the necessary skills that would help me propel my career as a photographer.

From an Amateur to Professional

After the course, I just didn’t stop shooting. At first, I developed my portfolio through the help of my friends. I took as many photos as possible and at the same time, I kept on attending different photo shoot. Then when I was able to develop my own client base, I left my job to pursue this job full time.

And now, being a professional photographer has its perks. I was able to use my own professional knowledge in software development in building my own website, and at the same time, try new experiences with my exciting assignments.